How we do it?

Our network is our strongest asset. Whether you trust us with your air, sea or logistics needs we have the staff and partnerships to manage and implement your supply chain needs. We take control of the entire process from booking the freight space to cutting airwaybills and handling freight. Visibility is key to well managed freight movements and the benefits of such are always passed onto our customers.

Your peace of mind?

ETA complies to the highest standards set by regulatory bodies in the regions we work in. Cooperation with the agencies we work with (such as IATA & BIFA) and the internal auditing we do ensure your products are in safe hands while we handle them whether by sea, air or on road.

What does it cost?

We understand that whilst the safety and timeliness of your shipments is important- so is the cost. As well as cost savings our teams will try to make through consolidations, we also benefit from contracts with shipping lines and airlines meaning we keep our rates competitive so that your bottom line doesn't suffer. Please contact us so that our sales team can help you with a quote.


Our dedicated AOG team are available 24/7 to cater for the most time critical shipments. With staff from aero-maintenance and engineering backgrounds we understand the urgency behind all Aircraft On Ground situations and our networks are built to cater for this. As well as urgent freight movements we can manage stock control and routine stock replenishment with staff trained in the world’s most commonly used aircraft spares supply-chain management software.

Current networks & customers include:

  • Multinational Airlines
  • MRO (maintenance repair & overhaul)
  • Freight forwarders
  • Aircraft leasing entities
  • Purchasing agents & buying platforms
  • Aviation supply chain consultants


'Aircraft On Ground' status for parts that are required to fix a grounded aircraft. Shipments are treated with the highest priority possible, thus must be routed directly with no consolidation possible.

Critical shipments are requested in case the planned maintenance on an aircraft is at risk or cannot be carried out anymore due to missing spare parts. No consolidation possible.

Routine shipments are requested in case of material being purchased to keep stock levels or for non-time critical maintenance events. Routine Shipments shall if possible get consolidated and get picked up same day or next day after release from stock confirmation of the relevant pick up location.

Our staff are trained and qualified to certify dangerous goods (DGR) movements. Criticality varies and are subject to the carrier’s acceptance.

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