ETA’s marine department provides a wide range of boat & spares logistics across the world using a combination of our trusted networks & offices, together with the innovative and proven methods and techniques which make ETA stand out in this industry.

Our staff have yachting & marine backgrounds to ensure we are familiar with your products and understand the process required to execute a job from start to finish. We work with racing teams, yacht clubs, event organisers, distributor, government agencies, manufacturers and private boat owners; so why not get in touch to see how we can help you.

As well as our freight and logistics work in the marine industry, click here to view our product range and brokerage arm under our partner Mareta brand

Sector Focus

Agency & brokerage

ETA Marine has extended its services to offer clients agency and brokerage for certain markets and locations. Our local knowledge, contacts and established name can be utilised via ETA Marine agency agreements to customers who have the product to sell but perhaps not the right channels or resources to do so abroad.

As well as this, we offer brokerage to overseas or local businesses and private individuals. Avoid the admin involved when selling or buying your perfect boat and leave that to our one-stop team who can provide shipping and admin (insurance, licences etc) packages that match your needs. Click here to view boats for sale

Yacht transportation

Whether you need to source a racing crew, hire a commercial skipper for a passage or arrange freight delivery for a new purchase; ETA Marine should be your first port of call to arrange transportation from start to finish. As well as on-deck cradles for larger yachts, we can transport smaller vessels within containers (FCL - Full container load) and have also purchased containers for customers interested in keeping the box post shipment for storage or racing gear.

Racing Logistics & express courier services

Racing can be stressful enough at the best of times, so when it goes wrong and you need replacement parts sent out on the next flight- our 24/7 team will be available to coordinate your racing logistics so your focus can be your race. As well as this, we do standard shipping and warehousing storage for crews and racing teams who need boats exported for races and voyages, where our experienced team will redcuce the chance of your boats being tied up with delays at customs. For more information contact

Global parts & supplies management

We're passionate about you're products, that's why we've teamed up with many suppliers to offer dealership packages in areas we have strong networks and access to customers. If you'd like to hear more about how ETA can boost your sales through our distribution channels then please get in touch

Marine administration

Nobody enjoys the administration which can follow the purchase of a new boat or when an insurance policy is due for renewal. But our staff have the partners in place to offer services such as marine insurance, berthing and membership, scrutinising and yacht chartering so that your time is spent on the water- not filling out forms.

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